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What exactly does it mean to be “Prehistoric”?  Does it just mean Dinosaurs and our child-like imaginative view on what ‘must have been’?  Here at Prehistoric, we deal with the study, sales and educating about our Prehistoric cousins and artifacts they left behind.  It goes beyond the simple array of cages enclosing our ‘reptilious’ friends and digs a much deeper meaning, literally!  

Prehistoric is the most recent addition to the Prehistoric Inc. family which includes The Reptile Zoo, Jurassic Parties, Prehistoric Adventures, and Prehistoric Pets which provide quality goods and services focused on education.

How do we acquire such priceless gifts of nature from around the world?  Owner Jay Brewer visits The Gem and Mineral Showcase that is happens throughout Tucson, Arizona.  He liked it so much the first time he now visits annually, sometimes making multiple trips.

So, 'What is considered a Fossil?'  A "Fossil", directly translating to "having been dug up", are the preserved remains of animals , plants, and other organisms from the remote past.  Sounds odd I know, but these items are ones of beauty and history, linking us to a past we could never grasp in these modern times. 

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